About us

Creative Critical is edited by Gabriel Flynn (Warwick), Dr Thomas Karshan (UEA) and Professor Irina Dumitrescu (Bonn)

We are supported by an editorial board of Dr Tim Beasley-Murray (UCL), Dr Stephen Benson (UEA), Barbara Bleiman (English and Media Centre), Dr Sam Buchan-Watts (Newcastle), Dr Clare Connors (UEA), Professor Maria Fusco (Dundee), Professor Robert Hampson (Royal Holloway), Professor Gregory Leadbetter (Birmingham City), Professor Joe Moshenska (Oxford), Professor Redell Olson (Royal Holloway), and Dr Bethan Stevens (Sussex)

Please address all queries and submissions to the editors at editors [at] creativecritical [dot] net . You can receive newsletters from us by signing up at https://creativecritical.substack.com. 

 The image on our homepage is by Catrin Morgan. It’s from Jerome’s Study, a collaboration between Catrin Morgan and Max Porter, published by Prototype in 2018. The image is one of a series of ‘isomorphic translations’ of Renaissance paintings depicting St Jerome. We use the image with the generous permission of the artist and Prototype books. More information about Jerome’s Study can be found at: https://prototypepublishing.co.uk/product/jeromes-study/


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